Welcome to Elmore Court

We are a unique and award winning Wedding and Events Venue in Gloucestershire.

The house was originally established as a home in the 13th Century and has views over the Cotswolds and River Severn.

The same family opened it up for fun and games in 2013.

Hired on an Exclusive use basis for weddings and parties, Elmore Court includes a historic stately home and its grounds, a soundproof rammed earth party venue, amazing food, fine wine, boundless music and a large slice of love...

All set in a wider estate, some of which we are now rewilding, producing sustainable food and has magic treehouses.


Enjoy more. Laugh more. Love more.

Nick Pumphrey


We like making things happen if we can.

James Fear


We're not a Hotel. We are a home.

Jason Ingram

The Estate

We must rewild the world (David Attenborough)

Elmore Court
There is an island close to here where the wine doth flow as does the beer. Music and fun and unparalleled sport, all to be found at Elmore Court!

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