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Elmore Court is set in a very special part of England.. A hidden gem at the north of the Severn Vale. The Estate at Elmore is set in a bend of the River Severn and includes farmland, woodland and of course the gardens of the main house.

We are in the process of using the land to produce food for our kitchens and already manage the woodlands to provide wood for all our heating which is all very exciting and something that drives a lot of what happens here.


Our mission is to have a positive impact on the planet.

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The Gardens at Elmore are enchanting.

Filled with ancient trees, manicured lawns, kitchen gardens and places to explore it’s a space that not only gives the eye pleasure but also increasingly produces food for our kitchens.

There is perhaps truth in the story that the gardens influenced Hubert Parry to write the music to William Blake’s ‘Jerusalem’. He used to play here as a child with his best friend, a certain Anselm Guise, who sadly died as a teenager in 1863. Parry’s sadness remained with him for the rest of his life and we like to think his memory helped to inspire the rousing music he wrote…

Wild Fern

Woodlands & Warmth

At Elmore Court all the water is heated with energy captured by our woodlands...

It really is a beautiful thing. The woodlands are managed to produce timber that we chip and burn in a rather big Biomass Boiler in a new timber framed building that we built. It was all designed by the very clever folk at 'Sustainable Energy LTD' who, if you’re thinking of following suit, really know their shizzle.

As part of the project we used a great deal of our timber in the construction of The Gillyflower, the above mentioned boiler house and also in quite a few of the details in the Court. In order to make up for what we have and are taking, we have planted an additional 25 acres of woodland and are planning to do a bundle more.

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