February 05, 2020

How to Choose Your Wedding Date

How to Choose Your Wedding Date
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The first and most important step in planning your wedding is finding your venue and securing your date, but how do you choose the date you get married?
Choosing an auspicious or lucky date for your marriage is of the highest importance when planning a Chinese wedding (happy belated Chinese New Year!), but here in the west we tend to think about many other things before the numbers…

It’s all about priorities.

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Talk to us about early Spring wedding dates in 2021

Short Notice Wedding

If time is the most important factor to you and you want to get down that aisle as soon as possible, then you will probably only have a handful of dates to choose from which helps whittle it down.
You might also want to go down this route if budget is the biggest determining factor, as venues are often able to give great deals on late availability wedding dates.

Psst! While we’re on the subject we actually have one last July date left this year; 11th/ 12th of July, and also a perfect Christmas wedding date still available too; 30th December. Get in touch for more info

But if you are happy to wait a year or more then it can make it harder to decide when your magic number might be…

Candlelit Christmas wedding ceremony in December with huge Christmas tree and angel statues surrounded by candles at Elmore Court in Gloucestershire
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We have the perfect Christmas wedding date available: 30/12/20

Significant dates

Many Elmore couples have chosen a special date for their wedding such as the date of their engagement, when they first met, their first date, or the date of one of their parents weddings or their birthdays.

Your wedding season

If you don’t have a special date in mind consider which season you want to hold your wedding… if you’re set on an outdoor wedding then late Spring and summer is the obvious choice, if you’re sold on the magic of a winter wonderland wedding then the end of the year is the time for you.

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Amber Persia flower aisle
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Seasonal flowers & Decor

If you don’t feel you have a strong preference as to which season you want to wed, have a think about the kind of flowers and decor you envision decorating your wedding day.
If you have a favourite flower which you just have to have, you might want to consider when it blooms to avoid having to order flowers out of season from overseas.

Wedding guests with balloons on the lawn at Elmore Court
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A wedding isn't a party without guests!

Wedding guests availability

Your wedding guests availability is a big consideration. If most of your friends and family have children then perhaps a wedding in a school holiday would be best, or maybe that rules out August because so many of your guests will be away on holiday?

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Wedding date numerology

Choosing a date around lucky numbers or using numerology to work out a date around your life path numbers is another option. The Eastern way of choosing wedding dates is a lengthy process with many factors to consider, no one would consider getting married on an inauspicious day… 2020 is considered to be a very good year to get married due to the fact it has both ‘double spring’ and it’s also a leap year, so all dates in 2020 are auspicious for marriage due to this phenomenon.

We have dates in 2020!
Amazingly- and this doesn’t happen often- we still have a handful of dates left this year, so you do still have a chance to wed in the auspicious year of 2020.
July 11th/12th and December 30th.

Bride stands on the entrance portico of Elmore Court with her long white gown trailing down the steps. Candles and flowers decorate either side of her
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So how do you work out your wedding day numerology?

The simple way to calculate your wedding date numerology is to first find both your life path numbers, these are your birth dates added up until you have a single digit number. For example:

Your date of birth: 5th February 1990 5/2/1990
5 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 26
2+ 6 = Life path number 8

Your partner’s date of birth: 22nd October 1991
2 + 2 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 25
2 + 5 = Life path number 7

Now add your numbers together in the same way until you have your single digit ‘marriage number’

8 + 7 = 15

1 + 5 = 6

You can now go about choosing your wedding date by choosing a complimentary number to either your marriage number or both of your life path numbers.

To find out if a date is a complimentary match to your marriage and/ or life path numbers add up date as above until you have a single digit and refer to the handy lists below:

Life path compatibility numbers

Number 1 Life path number compatibility:
Perfect match. Dates that add up to: 1,5,7
Compatible Match: 2,3,9
Incompatible: 4,6,8 
Number 2 Life path number compatibility:
Perfect match. Dates that add up to 2,4,8
Compatible Match: 1,3,6,9
Incompatible: 5,7
Number 3 Life path number compatibility:
Perfect match. Dates that add up to: 3,6,9
Compatible Match: 1,2,5
Incompatible: 4,7,8
Number 4 Life path number compatibility:
Perfect match. Dates that add up to: 2,4,8
Compatible Match: 6,7
Incompatible: 1,3,5,9
Number 5 Life path number compatibility:
Perfect match. Dates that add up to: 1,5,7
Compatible Match: 3,8,9
Incompatible: 2,4,6

Number 6 Life path number compatibility:
Perfect match. Dates that add up to: 3,6,9
Compatible Match: 2,4,8
Incompatible: 1,5,7
Number 7 Life path number compatibility:
Perfect match. Dates that add up to: 1,5,7
Compatible Match: 4
Incompatible: 2,3,6,8,9
Number 8 Life path number compatibility:
Perfect match. Dates that add up to: 2,4,8
Compatible Match: 5,6
Incompatible: 1,3,7,9
Number 9 Life path number compatibility:
Perfect match. Dates that add up to: 3,6,9
Compatible Match: 1,2,5
Incompatible: 4,7,8

Wedding date numerology meanings

Here's a simplistic breakdown of the 'personality' of each date...

Number 1 wedding date = New beginnings, Independence, Action.
Number 2 = Harmony, Balance, Peace.
Number 3 = Laughter, Socialising, Achievement.
Number 4 = Planning, Commitment, Practicality.
Number 5 = Exploration, Celebration, Adventure.
Number 6 = Family, Love, Heart.
Number 7 = Spirituality, Creativity, Ideas.
Number 8 = Infinity, Financial success, Results.
Number 9 = Success, Growth, Announcements.

Numerology of our available dates

Let's take a look at the numerology of our final dates of the year!

12/7/2020 = 1 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 2 = Number 5 Day
30/12/2020 = Number 1 Day

Will you be choosing our number 5 or number 1 day to get married?
Get in touch for more info.

And let us know if you used numerology to pick your wedding date! We'll be discussing in more detail over on Facebook.

Lots of Love,
Team E x


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