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Brett Charles

Putting back in

Since the beginning we have wanted to make the estate function as sustainably as possible.

You may have picked up that we already heat everything using our timber, that the Gillyflower was mostly built from materials from our land. Our electricity supply comes entirely from renewables and there's an ever increasing use of local ingredients and our own home grown grub.

It all helps but we now realise that in order to exist with an easy heart we can and should do more...

And we need to do that across the whole estate.

(Please click 'Read More' to see a video of Anselm chatting about our rewilding project and scroll down for the rest of our plans and/or check out the The Sacred Wild Podcast with Krish Surroy)


Rewilding land

A way forward

At Elmore we are super fortunate to have a fair amount of land. We are now rewilding a portion of the estate, to allow nature to flourish on it. Increase biodiversity, improve the soil and for it as a whole to breathe colour and positivity back into our environment.

Rewilding is a relatively new term that means returning things to the wild.. to be feral again. A state of mind perhaps... But with land it is something we're starting a process of. And it is a process. One where you allow nature to do its thing without us humans interfering...

A block of wildland with native hardy herbivores roaming freely without chemicals, fertilisers, worming tablets or anything else artificial to frustrate the magic. And it is magic. We have lost sight of what nature can do.

(Read the Journal Entry on 27th January 2021 for more)

Berries thriving in rewilded land in Gloucestershire
Fields at Elmore Court used to be farmland are now being rewilded by Anselm Guise as part of fully sustainable estate dream
Fields in Gloucestershire which are being rewilded as part of a sustainable wedding venue plan
Red deer in the mist in a rewilding project on wildland
Rewilding Elmore
Tamworth pigs to be included in the animals released into rewilding project at Elmore Court
Rewilding Gloucestershire
Long horn cow lies in rewilded grass
Brett Charles
Brett Charles
The land at Elmore Court which is now rewilding used to be farmland
Brett Charles
Brett Charles
Brett Charles
Brett Charles

The plan all kicked off at the end of 2020 and we now have 250 acres of rewilding land.

We still have a long way to go, but we've welcomed Longhorns onto the land, created natural wetlands, grown wheat and beans, and much more... but more to come!

When we began the rewilding process we put the plan in place for the build of our treehouses. Now flourishing and welcoming visitors. 6 magical cabins, each with its own unique feel and meaning. Looking out onto the wetlands with outdoor baths & kitchens... they truly are incredible, why not take a look for yourself?

And that's not all....

To read our 'Vision Document' click here.



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