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Putting back in

Since the beginning we have wanted to make the estate function as sustainably as possible. That desire has grown and we're now committed to not just taking as little as possible but giving back...


You might have picked up that we already heat everything using timber from our own woodlands and that the Gillyflower was mostly built from materials found on our land. Our electricity supply entirely comes from renewables and there's an ever increasing use of local ingredients and even our own home grown grub.

It all helps but we now realise that in order to exist with an easy heart in this day and age we need to do more...


A way forward

At Elmore we are super fortunate to have a fair amount of land. We plan to allow nature to flourish on it. Increase biodiversity, improve the soil and for it as a whole to breathe colour and positivity back into our environment.

Rewilding is a relatively new term used brilliantly at Glastonbury (we all need to rewild a little, right??!) which means to return things to the wild.. to be feral again. A state of mind perhaps... But with land it is something we're starting a process of. And it is a process. One where you allow nature to do its thing without us humans interfering...

A block of land with as close to native hardy herbivores roaming freely without chemicals, fertilisers, worming tablets or anything else artificial to frustrate the magic. And it is magic. We have lost sight of what nature can do.


The plan all begins towards the end of 2020. The idea is create a space where wildlife is allowed to prosper alongside agriculture and carbon dioxide is absorbed far more than currently.

We are part of a growing number of land owners who are doing this.

And for us the idea is to make this journey accessible to our guests and so we plan to build a number of tree houses on the land which will mean you'll be able to sleep and relax and enjoy yourselves in amongst it.

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Rob Tarren
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