May 10, 2017

Even More Elmore!

Even More Elmore!

The Coach House is ready!

After 6 months of planning, building, sanding, painting and hand selecting all the furnishings and fittings, Anselm is exhausted... and our renovations are finally complete!!

Our new 'bridal prep pad' The Coach House was the last to be finished, and is now totally transformed into a light and airy pamper palace for the bridal party to relax and enjoy the night before the wedding...

The Coach House (and Ans) By Brett Charles
Bridal party haven! Brett Charles photo
By Brett Charles
The Coach House Bedroom by Brett Charles
By Jon Searle
By James Fear
Relaxing in The Coach House By James Fear

Renovation Celebration

Our renovation celebrations have already started with a bang with a very special photoshoot in the new rooms featuring some of our wonderfully talented friends (keep scrolling for more of these below!) 

We'll also be opening the doors for the first time this evening for a little press soiree- and you'll have backstage access via #moreelmore hashtag on instagram and Twitter later- keep your eyes peeled on our feeds...

And then finally on Sunday you are all invited to come and have a peek in person from 12 - 4pm at our MayFair; house and garden party

The Smoking Room

Our new alternative bridal suite/ master bedroom, for those wanting a lighter, brighter but still beautifully panelled room, this room is for you.

We had a wonderful team to style and shoot it properly, here you can see Shibumi bedspreads and Savannah Miller dress...

The Smoking Room by Brett Charles
Smoking Room by Brett Charles
Smoking room with Savannah Miller Brett Charles
By Jon Searle
The Smoking Room Bathroom by Brett Charles
By Brett Charles

Best bits from our shoot

What a beautiful bunch you are, and so much fun!

By James Fear
Shibumi by Jon Searle
Savannah Miller by James Fear
Slaters 1973 & Savannah Miller by James Fear
Shibumi by James Fear
Savannah Miller bridal by James Fear

We cannot wait to show you round!

Stay tuned for #moreelmore on our feeds later!


How did we make it so beautiful?!


People mostly by Fear Photography  

Interiors by Brett Charles

Fashion by Jon Searle of Light The Face



Soft furnishings, dressing gowns and coats by Shibumi

Wedding dress by Savannah Miller

Mens suits by Slaters 1973


Styling & Beauty

Styling by Lauren Grey

Flowers by Sorori Design

Hair & makeup by HC Brides

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