Wednesday 20 September 2017
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Entertaining children at weddings

Children's wedding games by James Fear

Wedding with kids by James Fear

Party Tent by Steal the Day Photography

Dress up by James Fear

Space hoppers by Bullit Photographer

Playtime by James Fear

How to keep little guests entertained on your big day? 

It's often one of the first things to be discussed when drawing up the inital guest list..."do we invite children?" If the answer is yes, you want them to enjoy the day as much as their Parents, and it often takes a bit of planning! So here are seven top tips for child friendly weddings ...


1) Fun indoors

We all know that the English weather can be a little unpredictable, so it’s a good idea to have some indoor fun planned to keep the children occupied during the drinks reception. Board games are great for the slightly older ones and will keep them entertained for the duration, especially if you talk them through it and get them into teams (appoint the oldest children as team leaders!) You could also bring some other fun games for the toddlers and maybe set up a little craft station, or just pens and paper.... Fun snacks are always good too! 

Wedding games by James Fear

Child's play at a wedding

2) Let the children play!

Getting kids outside to burn off some extra energy before dinner is always a good idea, and can be even more fun if they have a children's party tent (or den/ base camp) to play in filled wth lots of toys for all ages...

Children's Tent by Steal the Day Photography


3) Outdoor Games

Provide plenty of outdoor games like table football and giant Jenga and you can be sure that the big kids will want to join in too! 

Table Football by Rob Tarren


And how about some colourful space hoppers to race with...?

Space hoppers by Bullit Photography


4) Goody Bags

Everyone loves a goody bag, and one with a cuddly toy inside is sure to be a hit with the smallest guests!

Children's Bags by James Fear 

5) Dressing Up Box

You might be planning a Photobooth and organising props for the adults, but don’t forget some fancy dress for the little people... it makes for such cute photos, and they love joining in.

Dress up by James Fear


6) Dinner time Entertainment

Puzzle books, colouring kits and personalised place mats are all such great ideas for occupying little minds during dinner and speeches. 

Wedding table games by James Fear

Children's craft by Rob Tarren

Mealtime fun by Rob Tarren

Child friendly weddings by James Fear

7) Wedding Childcare 

Booking a wedding babysitter or a childcare service like Rock Up & Play to look after the children during the wedding could mean even more fun for the kids, and the adults too! Big guests can totally relax knowing that the children are being supervised for the whole day, and the children will have countless team games and fun served up for them.

Children's Tent by Lizzy May

We love meeting all the children and seeing how much fun they have! We hope these tips help you plan a fun, relaxed and welcoming child friendly wedding.


Lots of love from Team E