Wednesday 01 March 2017
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Our Top 4 Spring Wedding Trends For 2017

Our little tips to make your big day even more magical 

Spring has Sprung! We're feeling very bouncy (and rather larger... We're ready to open for our 2017 season with new rooms!! Check back for more on that later...


Right now here's our Top 4 Spring time wedding tips for this year.


1) Take it outside!


Warmer weather is finally here- Time to make use of The Gillyflower and East lawn grounds! We love the idea of having a lounge outside under our apple and pear trees with some lights and decorations. Put up a small tent or yurt with some bean bags and garden games for the children. You'll be surprised how many adults will join in the fun!

Steal the Stage Photography

Steal the Stage Photography

Lush Photography

Bullit Photography


2) Alfresco dining 

Evening food decisions are so hard sometimes. You want something special, we understand. Bacon baps and pies are not for everyone! How about live cooking outside? This can be a BBQ, pealla, or a fresh buffet prepared outside by our chefs for guests to watch, grab food, go back inside the Gillyflower to dance, or lounge around the firepit.


3) Vivid and bright colours are back!

Just as Spring is springing and flowers are blossoming, so should your flowers and decorations. It's time to get those vibrant colours out to make your wedding pop! 

Lush PhotographyLush Photography

Steal the Stage Photography

Steal the Stage Photography

Steal the Stage Photography


4) Cheese wedding cakes

Yep. Cheese cake heaven is still going strong. You can dress it with colourful fruits and vegetables (freshly picked from our gardens!) and add biscuits, crackers and chutney for your guests to nibble through the night.

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Bullit Photography

Hope you liked our little inspiration for spring 2017, don't forget to check back soon as we've got big news in our next blog on our Reopening and what's new here for 2017!


Lots of love,

Team E