Wednesday 25 October 2017
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Weddings Without Flowers

Centrepiece ideas without flowers by Eve Dunlop

Wedding backdrop foliage by James Fear

Green wedding foliage by James Fear

Wedding without flowers ideas by Dominic Kerridge

Whether you are allergic to pollen or you're just not the floral type, weddings don't have to have flowers, and flowerless wedding can be even more bold, beautiful and unique than their botanical counterpart.

We've seen some absolutely beautiful weddings sans flowers at Elmore, here are our favourite ways to decorate your wedding if flowers are not your friend...


Foliage over Flowers

This year foliage made it into weddings in a big way, and we couldn't be happier, foliage makes a statement in a way that flowers just can't, it's modern, beautiful and slightly edgy and we love adding it to all aspects of the day...

At the ceremony

Ceremony foliage by James Fear

Foliage wedding aisle by James Fear

At the reception

Palm leaf table centre by James Fear

Foliage wedding cake by James Fear

Foliage wedding table by James Fear

Green foliage wedding by ARJ photography

Botanical wedding by ARJ photography

Table centerpieces and runners

Foliage wedding tables by James Fear

We especially love the idea of using potted plants with roots as table centres and decorations instead of cut flowers, as you can then re-use them, give them as gifts or decorate your house and remember your wedding day for ever! This really appeals to our sustainable wedding ethos...

Woodland wedding table by Jake Morley

Pot plants table centres by Tom Michalski

Rustic wedding plants by Tori Hancock

Candlelit Weddings

Is there anything more romantic than a wedding by candlelight? We cannot get enough of candles at weddings, here are some of our favourite ways to use candles instead of flowers as decor.

Candles and balloons by Eve Dunlop

Candlelit wedding by Laura Power

Wedding Candles and feathers by Laura Power

Candlelit wedding banquet by Sam Gibson

Candles on banqueting tables by Sam Gibson

Lanterns in trees by Steal the day

Other decor ideas

Get creative! There's so much more you can do with wedding decor, we loved these ideas but there are plenty more once you start thinking...

DIY Origami wedding decor by Sam Gibson

Wedding without flowers by Sam Gibson

Wedding balloons by Eve Dunlop

Wedding lights by Voyteck

Foliage seating plan by Gemma Williams


Or if you'd rather go all out with the big blooms, we've got plenty of flowery wedding inspiration here too!