October 04, 2017

Bridal Style

Bridal Style

Bridal style inspiration 

Your wedding day should be the day you can dress up more than any other day in your life, you should feel comfortable, joyful and totally empowered in whatever you choose to wear, be that a traditional wedding dress, a bridal suit or a full length sequin gown (or anything else at all!).

But there's a lot more to bridal style than just the dress, and so many things to think about (!) so we thought we would give you some inspo on all the little things that make a big difference to your wedding day style...

To Veil or Not to Veil?

Many brides convince themselves they will not be wearing a wedding veil, but then after some persuasion to try one, find that they just have to have it!
Your wedding day is almost certainly the only time in your life you'll be wearing one, so we would urge you to give it a whirl, even if you're dead set against them, you might be suprised!


Full Length Veils

Trailing Veil by Andy Rapkins

We've got to say, we are big fans of trailing veils / romantic blowing in the wind photos...

Floating Veil by James Fear
Veil by Theresa Furey

Birdcage Veils

Don’t want the full-length veil? How about opting for a simple, but super chic birdcage style? 

Birdcage Veil by MTM Studio

We've also found some pretty awesome modern wedding veils by Rock n Roll Bride and Crown & Glory...


Wedding Make Up

Now this is one that may take some trialling, you probably don't want to look like a completely different person on your wedding day, but opting for a professional to do your bridal makeup rather than doing it yourself (with shaking hands!) gives you more time to relax and breathe into the morning. It's worth giving your makeup artist lots of photos of the type of look you want to achieve as well as showing them the way you usually wear your makeup.

Natural Make Up by Rob Tarren
Flawless Finish by Chris Giles Photography

Wedding Hairstyles

So many options... up, down, half up? Accessories? 

And if you just can’t decide, you can always go for two hairstyles in one day...

Lizzie looked fabulous with a soft up do for the ceremony and then quite literally let her hair down for the meal and evening celebrations!

Boho Hair by Ann-Kathrin Koch
Hair down by Ann-Kathrin Koch

Flowers in her hair

Flowers worn in the hair are ever popular at Elmore weddings, we love them in all sorts of ways...

Boho bridal hair by Tiz Prentice
Floral wedding hair by Rob Tarren
Flower crowns by James Fear
Flower crown by Gemma Williams

Wedding Head pieces and Hair Jewellery

Hair jewellery photo by James Fear
Photo by Andy Rapkins
Indian bridal style by James Fear
Wedding hair photo by James Fear
Autumn wedding hair by James Fear

Bridal Jewellery

This is always a lovely way to incorporate your 'something old' but if you are scrapping that tradition you can choose whatever you'd like to wear!

Wedding style ideas by James Fear
Happy bride by James Fear
Pearls for weddings by James Fear
Bridal jewellery style by Rob Tarren
Wedding Earrings by James Fear

Wedding shoes

The best excuse to buy new shoes!! But what style will you choose? Here are some of our favourites...

Unique wedding shoes by Rob Tarren
Strappy wedding shoes by James Fear
Red wedding shoes by TBA
Glitter wedding shoes by Jen Merino

It’s your day, your style, so wear what you want. Feel comfortable in your style and you’ll totally rock it!


Love from Team E


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