March 04, 2020

Church Weddings at Elmore

Church Weddings at Elmore
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We are very lucky to be able to offer lots of options for religious and civil ceremony weddings here at Elmore, one that we haven't mentioned enough is our beautiful local Elmore church of St John the Baptist.

Elmore church is just a 3 minute drive from us, and has been told to have one of the most beautiful churchyards in England.

Beautiful english church wedding ceremony at Elmore church in Gloucestershire decorated with trees
Steph Newton

How to get married in a church outside your Parish

Of the many questions we're asked around organising a church wedding, the most common is ‘can we get married at Elmore church even if we don’t belong to it's parish?’
Happily, the answer is a definite yes! (and this advice also applies to most other church weddings in England)

Couples who wish to marry at St John the Baptist church who aren’t on the membership list, or even resident within the Church Parish, can still get married here.
In order to hold your wedding in a church outside your parish you will need to qualify by attending that church for at least 6 months, and/or become a member. For more information you can contact the vicar at Hardwicke church

Explosion of rose petal confetti as happily newlywed couple leave Elmore church in Gloucestershire just after their marriage ceremony
Eve Dunlop

Why get married in a Church?

The most obvious thing getting married in a church will offer which a civil ceremony cannot is the religious aspect. If God's blessing is what you are after then a church wedding is a must. There are many other lovely bonus aspects to church weddings at Elmore too...


The expression of love and emotion. There is something to be said about having a sing song as part of your wedding. With everyone joining in it brings a togetherness and feeling that you are part of something special. Hymns are a traditional part of church weddings and there are so many to choose from. Whether you opt for a popular tune, or something different, there’s a hymn to suit different parts of the service.There are usually two or three hymns sung during a wedding service. The beginning to join everyone, middle usually whilst the register is being signed and the last hymn comes right before the final blessing, and reflects a mood of celebration and joy.

Black and white photo of wedding hymns held in hand
James Fear


A Church of England wedding must have at least one reading from the Bible and you can also include other readings or poems. Choosing your readings is one of the ways a wedding can be made really personal. Within a church ceremony, popular Bible passages are given or your vicar can help with choosing alternatives if you’d like something different.

Black and white photo os Wedding guests in pews at a church wedding at Elmore
Alistair Freeman

Cars from Church to Court

As Elmore church is situated about a 3 minute drive from the Court, this means you could look at hiring in some special vehicles to help get you and your guests there and back.
We love this big red bus and vintage classics... a perfect mix of city in the countryside.

Bridal party get off an Old Double decker bus at the gates of Elmore Court
Charlie Daily
Alistair Freeman
Alistair Freeman

Count down to a church wedding - what to do and when?

One year-six months ahead

When the ball starts to roll, this is the time to consider your ceremony. You can choose your hymns, other music and readings. This is also around about the same time that details of your reception back at Elmore will start happening.

Around six months ahead of the wedding might also be a good time to book your flower arranger and bell-ringers if you are having them.

15th century English church porch at Elmore decorated with foliage and flowers for a wedding
Steph Newton

Three months ahead

The majority of marriages require that banns are read out in church for three Sundays during the three months before the wedding. This is a special experience and one many couples like to be in the church for. Also, firm up details with your suppliers that will be with you at the church such as florist, photographers and cars.

Bridesmaids in pale pink holding bouquets above their heads make their way along the tree lined path to Elmore church for the wedding
James Fear

The day before

A rehearsal for the wedding. This will help you relax and ask any final questions about where to stand and so on. Something that everyone who has a big part to play on the day comes along to.

Alistair Freeman
Alistair Freeman
Groomsmen in sunglasses and suits looking very cool outside Elmore church before a wedding ceremony in Gloucestershire
Pixie Abbot
Bride and groom and bridal party pose with bouquets in the prettiest churchyard in England at Elmore Church
Charlie Daily
Charlie Daily
Charlie Daily
Eve Dunlop
Eve Dunlop
Groomsmen in sunglasses pose with the Vicar of St John the Baptist church at a relaxed church wedding in Elmore
Pixie Abbot
Candlelit church wedding with stained glass windows at Elmore church
Alistair Freeman

Need any more info?

If you need any more help with planning your church wedding don't hesitate to get in touch with us or Elmore church who will be happy to answer your questions.

Lots of Love,

Team E xx

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