April 19, 2017

Wedding Trend Neutrals & Metallics

Wedding Trend Neutrals & Metallics

The subtle glinting of metallics and sparkling of sequins amongst candles is a beautiful sight at a wedding, so it's no surprise to see the trend for a metallic wedding pallette is still going strong.

We've seen this done so incredibly beautifully many times at the court. We've loved navy and gold, blush and copper, jewel tones and bronze, and neutrals and metallics is another gorgeous way to add a bit of sparkle but in perhaps a slightly softer and more subtle way. Here's how to nail it.

Neutral base colours

In order to make the most of that beautiful soft and sparkle juxtaposition you need to choose a foundation pallete of neutral tones to compliment your sparkle... this could be a mixture of beiges, whites, creams and/ or pinks. Have a play and see what fits your preferred metallic.

White wedding

White works wonders as a base colour to add a metallic accent, and it works with all sparkling shades; silver, gold and bronze and copper.

Neutral wedding tables by James Fear
White and bronze table plan by James Fear
Handwritten labels photo by James Fear
White and copper tables by Voyteck

Pretty in pink

Weaving in some pink tones to your neutral pallet lends a rosy glow and works particularly well with warmer metallics such as copper and bronze.

Copper cutlery and pink glasses
Pink and gold wedding decor by Ann Koch
Copper wedding by Ann Koch

Greens and gold

Our favourite addition to any neutral and metallic wedding pallete is a touch of foliage. There's nothing more beautiful than the combination of muted colours, fresh leafy greens and precious metals!

Gold wedding tables by Voyteck
Ivy and metallics by James Fear
Foliage and copper tables by James Fea
Metallic wedding bar by Ann Koch
Potted plants on tables
Pot plants and metallics

Let yourself shine

Don't forget to give yourself a touch of sparkle too!

Copper bridal accessories by Voyteck
Copper watch Groom by James Fear

Have fun playing with sparkle, we always do!

PS There's loads more wedding inspiration to keep you occupied here, have a browse.

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