May 17, 2017

What to Wear to a Country House Wedding

What to Wear to a Country House Wedding

Should you match your dress to your wedding venue?

It's a question that you might have turned over in your mind from the start of your wedding planning, or it might have suddenly jumped out at you when you'd already chosen both venue and dress, but don't stress, we're here to show you that as long as you are comfortable and confident in your choice of wedding attire, anything at all goes, and it works! Look!

Trailing Veil

This achingly romantic trailing veil and lace sleeve combo is only topped by the picture. It's a swoon-fest!

Lace and Train By James Fear

Crisp & Classic

So in love with the clean lines of this bridal outfit. Beautifully subtle and sophisticated yet sharp, demure yet form fitting and stylish, and perfectly accessorised with birdcage veil and flowers in the hair. Don't they look happy on their way to Elmore church!

By MTM Studio

Statement headpiece

OK, Ok maybe we're cheating a bit as this one was part of a magazine shoot, but it still shows you could rock this feathered masterpiece at your country house wedding!

By Tory Smith

Rock n Roll Bride

There's no better way to get the party started than an I-own-the-dancefloor outfit, and when Ekaterina stepped out in her suprise costume change, Oli thought he'd died and gone to heaven! What a stunning rock and roll angel.

Angel bride by Voyteck

Golden Girl

This exquisitely embroidered and glittering gold sari is fit for royalty, and our beautiful bride certainly shone like a queen next to her dapper jewel-green suited Groom. What a gorgeous pair!

Gold sari bride photo by James Fear

Swishy skirts

Honestly, if you put on this Mira Zwillinger dress could you imagine ever stopping twirling in that swishy, floaty, delicious tulle skirt? It's just too delightful!! Paired with a figure fitting lace bodice this dress is the stuff of dreams... And doesn't it look perfect against the wood pannelling of the master suite?

Mira Zwillinger by Richard Skins

Boho Bride

This train is heavenly, so long it reaches the bottom step of our front porch! This beautiful bohemian bride's flower crown perfectly finished her soft, dreamy style, she positively floated through the Gillyflower meadow. 

Intuzuri dress with amazing train!

Vintage Glamour

This beautiful bride couldn't have looked more at home here in her beautifully accessorised David Fielden dress. Loving her Groom's red accents too!

David Fielden bride by Joanna Brown

Pink Wedding Sari

Could Renu look any more pretty in pink in her perfect sari? So gorgeous in the light filled hall!

Renu's Sari by Alex Beckett

We hope this has given you the inspiration to go with your gut and wear exactly what you want on your wedding day, wherever that may be. The only accessory you really need is confidence and a smile.

Lots of love,

Team E


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