May 19, 2021

Rewild & Restore at our wellbeing retreat this summer

Rewild & Restore at our wellbeing retreat this summer
Eve Dunlop

As the re-socialisation of the population begins and we quickly approach the unlock down date of June 21st (it’s only a month away!!!) some of you may be experiencing what we can only equate to pre-race jitters...
It’s been A LOT to cope with, and we’ve all struggled in different ways, now the end is in sight and it’s really real, all that hugging and dancing and socialising we’ve dreamed of for so long feels a little bit overwhelming.

So, we thought what's needed is some sort of 'unlocking' therapy, some rite of passage (and pampering) to get us safely through the portal of this reality and reborn into the next, limbered up, sparkling and rejuvenated, ready to face the world…

Yoga retreat at elmore court
Kirsty Jones

Rewild & Restore

Luckily Sarah has come up with the perfect space to do just that; a luxury overnight wellbeing retreat to rewild & restore before midsummer.

This June, join us for a blissful two days of relaxation and pampering in the luxurious surroundings of Elmore Court. A chance to give back to yourself and get back to nature with a spot of wild swimming, yoga sessions, delicious treatments and long walks through the re-wilded area of the estate.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Wild swimming lake at Elmore court in the cotswolds is used as part of their luxury wellness retreats
Eve Dunlop
Our very own wild swimming spot 'Bottomless pool'
Guilia Holland gives spa treatments and massage therapy at wellness retreat at elmore court
Laura Power
Giulia Holland will be on hand for massage therapy and spa treatments
Yoga class in the gillyflower at elmore court as part of the wellness retreats
Kirsty Jones
Yoga class in full swing
Walk through the rewilding area at elmore court to a secret wild swimming spot with open water coach sarah guise
Eve Dunlop
Walk through the rewilded estate to a secret wild swimming spot with Sarah Guise
Meditation in the gillyflower at elmore court as part of wellbeing retreat
Kirsty Jones
Meditation in the Gillyflower

Friday 11th June Retreat timetable

This is your time and in that spirit we have arranged a number of activities so you can choose what you need...

Arrive any time from 10am on Friday 11th June to check in to your beautiful room. 

  • 10.30 am - 12.30 pm: Settle in, explore the grounds, or enjoy one to one treatments including massage and individual therapy sessions...
    All treatments can be booked in advance and we will send round a pamper menu beforehand. 

12.30 pm: Enjoy a delicious vegetarian and Gluten free lunch in the hall.
  • 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm: More time for pampering and treatments, or; have a nap! Sit in quiet reflection, have a chat with other guests- whatever feels good for you at this time.
  • 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm: Free time to relax, wonder or do as you wish, or choose from activities including:
    • Energising yoga and meditation session with Emma Tilley (1 hr 30 mins)
    • Beautiful walk through our re-wilding area to a wild swimming spot with Sarah Guise
    • Group workshop focusing on finding vitality and balance in life after lock down with Eliza Guerrini
  • 5.30 - 6.00pm: Tea and healthy treats 
  • 6.00pm - 7.30 pm: Grounding yoga practice with Emma Tilley
  • 8.00 pm: Two course vegetarian feast 
  • 9.30 - 10.00 pm: Yoga Nidra with Emma Tilley

After 10pm, retreat to your beautiful room for a deep and rejuvenating sleep.


You choice of bedroom for overnight wellness retreat at elmore court
Rob Tarren
Luxury retreat accommodation in the master suite at elmore court
Rob Tarren
Copper bath in the oak room for luxury overnight retreat
Rob Tarren
Shared occupancy retreat bedroom
Rob Tarren
The smoking room is one of the luxurious bedrooms available to stay overnight at our wellness retreat
Rob Tarren
Luxury overnight stay in the Oak room with four poster bed for the wellness retreat
Rob Tarren
Luxury overnight stay in a stately home for wellness retreat in the Cotswolds
Rob tarren
Overnight stay in a stately home when  you attend this luxury wellness retreat in the cotswolds
Rob Tarren
The nursery at elmore court is one option for your overnight wellness retreat stay
Rob Tarren
Sole occupancy retreat bedroom at elmore court
Rob Tarren
The Time room is usually only for wedding guests but now you can stay at our luxury retreat
Rob Tarren
Which bedroom will you choose to stay in for you luxury retreat experience at elmore court
Rob Tarren

Saturday 12th June Retreat timetable

The next morning you'll awake refreshed in your sumptuous room ready for another day of giving to yourself...

  • 7.00 am: Tea/coffee and a light snack
  • 8.00 am - 9.00 am: Morning awakening yoga session with Emma Tilley
  • 9.30 am: Delicious brunch in the hall
  • 10.30 am - 12.00 pm: Choose from activities including:
    • 1 to 1 treatment sessions with Giulia Holland
    • Energising yoga and meditation with Emma Tilley (1 hr 30 mins)
    • Beautiful walk to a wild swimming spot with Sarah Guise
    • Group workshop focusing on finding vitality and balance in life after lock down with OT Time Eliza Guerrini
  • 12.30 pm: Sound Bath with Tallulah Rendall 
  • 1.30 pm Light lunch or take away option.

Yoga class in the gillyflower at sustainable venue elmore court as part of their rewild retreats
Kirsty Jones
Wild swimming at a secret spot in the cotswolds at rewilded wedding venue elmore court
Kirsty Jones
Wild swimming
Spa treatments are available to book at elmore court with cotswolds spa
Laura Power
Treatments will be bookable in advance with Giulia Holland of Cotswold spa
Rewilding area at elmore court
Eve Dunlop

More about your hosts...

We have a wonderful group of women to lead you on this wellness retreat, a special mixture of yoga teachers, wild swimming instructors, sound healers, occupational therapists and massage therapists to restore mind, body and soul...

Sarah Guise - Passionate wild swimmer and qualified open water coach, Sarah has lived and swum at Elmore Court for many years and is now embarking on an ambitious rewilding project in the grounds.

Emma Tilley - Senior yoga teacher, bringing you minimal bull and maximum love and laughter and a strong, healthy body and mind to carry you on this journey... Emma has been practicing astanga yoga since 2001 and since then has completed a BWY foundation course with Mara Musso, a yoga teacher training diploma with Joey Miles and has studied with Uma Dinsmore Tuli, as well as many other teachers on her yoga journey.

Eliza Guerrini - Private occupational Therapist working to support groups and individuals to find balance and meaning in their lives.

Giulia Holland - "My aim is to raise other people's frequency just as I try and raise my own - I help people and places make shifts so they can lead fulfilling and joyful lives."
Giulia is a wonderful and healing massage therapist who regularly provides therapies for wedding guests as part of the Cotswold Spa at Elmore Court.

Tallulah Rendall - World renowned Singer-Songwriter who has written, produced and toured 5 albums. She is also a Creative Facilitator empowering people through Qi Gong & Sound Meditation to connect to their creative expression and lead happier, healthier and more embodied lives.

Wild swimming with open water coach Sarah Guise
Kirsty Jones
Sarah Guise is now a qualified open water coach

Vegetarian feasting

We are incredibly lucky to have our own walled garden and a team of talented chefs to fuel the wellbeing retreats... You'll be waited on with home grown and freshly prepared vegetarian food for the duration of your stay.

Delicious sustainable food home grown at Elmore Court is one of the highlights of guests experiences at their wellbeing retreats
Gary Nunn
Special home grown vegetarian menu has been prepared for wellbeing retreats at elmore court
Gary Nunn
Protein balls and power smoothies to fuel your yoga practice at wellbeing retreat at Elmore Court
Kirsty Young
Power up with super smoothies and protein balls before your yoga and meditation class at elmore court
Kirsty Jones
Home grown vegetarian food for wellbeing retreats at Elmore Court
Gary Nunn
Dressed avocado and quinoa salad for a wellbeing retreat in the cotswolds
Gary Nunn
Eat a rainbow at Elmore Court's wellbeing retreats. Delicious healthy vegetarian menu
Kirsty Jones
Local ice cream from Holy Cow gelato in neighbouring farm is used to make the 5 star rated Elmore mess for their wellbeing retreat
Gary Nunn

Wellbeing retreat tickets

We so look forward to welcoming you in to Elmore Court for this very special retreat space, it will be the last time we can open our doors to the public for quite some time (most probably over a year!) as the rest of 2021 and 2022 is devoted to finally bringing all those long postponed weddings lovingly to reality.

If you would like to join us, please book your wellbeing retreat tickets through Ticket Tailor, here.


With all love,

Sarah & Team E


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