July 22, 2020

16 Bedrooms to choose from

16 Bedrooms to choose from
Rob Tarren

Anselm has spent a lot of time roaming the rooms of Elmore Court during lockdown, this old house holds so much history, there are so many stories these rooms could tell if walls could speak! We thought it about time we share some of these with you, so we invited our friend Rob Tarren over for a little walk, talk and photography session of the wedding guest accommodation we have here…

16 bedrooms, each with its own personality - Which is your favourite? 

The Master Suite

With an 8ft wide Cesar bed of dreams and original wood panelling, this is the traditional master bedroom which the Guise baronets slept soundly in for centuries.
This was always first choice as a wedding suite before the Smoking room was restored, and is still very popular with couples that marry here for it’s old world grandeur and views over the East Lawn. The adjoining dressing room provides the perfect space for pampering and enjoying getting ready before saying ‘I do’. 
Of course, if you choose the Smoking Room for your wedding night instead this whole space doubles up as the perfect family area, with the dressing room bed enabling the suite to sleep 4 guests. 

Bridal suite or guest accommodation the master suite at Elmore Court is a beautiful wood panelled room with giant caesar bed and adjoining dressing room
Rob Tarren
master suite dressing room beautiful wood panelled bedroom with double bed at wedding venue elmore court
Rob Tarren

The Oak Room

This incredible room is packed with original features including a 17th century fireplace and our only four poster bed which is a family heirloom dating back to 1636…
The freestanding copper bath has it’s very own stage, and was upgraded recently to make it even deeper - it’s a real favourite amongst the guests (and for a bridesmaid pile-in photo!). 

A real bump in the night

In more recent history, back when Anselm first inherited the house fresh from the festival fields he would host ‘little’ parties with friends, on this particular occasion they ventured out onto the roof through the attic (stunning views but not recommended especially when slightly inebriated) which is directly above this bedroom. One of the partygoers (who shall remain un-named) fell through the roof and right through the ceiling into the Oak room landing on top of the top of the four poster bed where another of Anselm’s friends slept soundly… Amazingly the only thing damaged was the snoozing friend’s peaceful sleep, and all survived unharmed…including the bed!

Intricately carved antique French four poster bed at Elmore Court dates back to 1633 situated in The Oak Room with 17th century fireplace and copper bath for a romantic wedding night
Rob Tarren
17th century fireplace carving in the oak room at wedding venue elmore court
Rob Tarren
17th century fireplace details
Copper bath in the oak bedroom at wedding venue elmore court
Rob Tarren
Intricately carved antique four poster bed
Details in the 17th century wedding guest accommodation onsite at Elmore Court
Rob Tarren

The North & Time rooms

The two rooms at the top of the house were what Anselm called ‘home’ when he first moved in; the North and Time Rooms.
Those of you who’ve watched the Country House Rescue episode featuring Elmore might recall Ruth Watson dubbing the North Room as the ‘naughty boys room’ which at the time was full to the brim with decks and party paraphernalia. This was his party/ bachelor pad, and the Time Room next door was for sleeping off the night before, you can see why, what a beautiful peaceful view to come round to…

The green carpet in The North room is one of Ans’ favourite items in the room and shows no sign of being changed anytime soon.

Later on, when renovating the Time room and stripping back centuries of wallpaper and paint we found a curious scrawling on the plaster, a rather funny depiction of a nude woman looking for her (short) husband… Judging from her hat we think she dates back to the war era, and you fell in love with her just as much as us, voting to frame her for all to see rather than paint her over again.

North Room at Elmore Court was Anselm Guise's bedroom. Now one of 16 bedrooms for wedding guest accommodation in the old house
Rob Tarren
The North room with much loved green carpet
The Time room at Elmore Court got it's name from father Time depicted on the ancient fireplace
Rob Tarren
Time room
Depiction of Father Time with scythe and hourglass in the fireplace of the time bedroom at wedding venue Elmore Court in Gloucestershire
Rob Tarren
Father Time on the fireplace with scythe & hourglass is the reason the room gets it's name
View of the cotswolds countryside from the window of the Time bedroom at wedding venue elmore court
Rob Tarren
View over Cotswolds countryside from The Time room
Ancient graffiti of a nude woman found in one of the bedrooms underneath the wallpaper of a stately home wedding venue
Rob Tarren
Our antique graffiti! Framed as you wished

The Smoking Room

Now a popular choice as the wedding suite, The smoking room was originally as the name suggests, where the Gentlemen used to retire after dinner whilst the Ladies gathered in the Drawing Room.
The traditional panelling has been painted in this room to create a light and contemporary alternative to the dark wood of the master suite.

Flooded with light this is the most stunning room for getting ready shots and hair and makeup.
The Emperor size bed is finished beautifully with another stunning throw by Shibumi (Anselm’s sister Ruth’s cashmere jackets and accessories label)
The bathroom is so sizeable that it has two doors which open onto a ginormous freestanding silver, bath and a rather mega walk in shower!
The view from the bathroom overlooks the evolving walled garden - utter bliss, and a firm favourite with the Team E girls! 

The smoking room white painted panelled room full of light with huge emperor bed could be your bridal suite or guest accommodation
Rob Tarren
Huge bathroom with free standing silver bath tub in the bridal suite at wedding venueelmore court
Rob Tarren
View of the walled garden
Freestanding silver bath in the huge ensuite bathroom of the smoking room bedroom
Rob Tarren

The Nursery

The name speaks for itself, right at the top of the house on the East Side is where the children used to be cared for by their nanny (out of earshot of their parents). The stair gate is still present, as is the vintage fire escape - although no one would have wanted to use it! 
A spacious room sleeping 3 wedding guests means it’s still a perfect family room, or equally good for a few friends if they can manage the stairs after an evening of dancing! 

Nursery room wedding guest accommodation at Elmore Court
Rob Tarren
Antique fire escape in the Nursery. How does it work?!

In The Pink

You might have guessed from names such as the Cook and Butler that the guest accommodation in 'the pink side of the house' make up the old servants quarters. This section of the house was also previously Anselm and Sarah’s family home in the early years of Elmore as a wedding venue. Their kitchen is now all yours and works brilliantly as a communal space for snack, and as an area for the Groomsmen to have a beer together the night before the wedding.
The rooms on this side of the house all lead off a bright pink corridor (which makes it slightly easier to find your way back through the rabbit warren late at night) and are more contemporary and fun in style.

Road closed sign in the pink corridor of unusual wedding venue elmore court
Rob Tarren

In each room

During your stay you get to enjoy the toiletries from British brand 100 Acres Apothecary - we hope you love them as much as we do. 

Have you spotted the Elmore Court candles? We have invested in lovely branded candles and reed diffusers to enhance the welcome when you arrive to the Court - the feedback we've had has been amazing! 

old books on one of the many bookshelves in the bedrooms of 16th century stately home elmore court
Rob Tarren

Do let us know your favourite bedroom, and if you want to discover more - there is 750 years of history to look back on! 

Sending lots of love as always,

Team E

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